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Rediscover the joy of sleep

If you're fed up with feeling restless then you're not alone.
Sleeplessness affects more than just bedtime, often
impacting the next day too. So we think it's time to help
you get back to feeling like you again with a range of top
sleep tips and insight.

I can't sleep and it's really dragging me down.
Work is a bit stressful at the moment and
I just can't switch off when I go to bed.
Don't worry, not being able to sleep is nothing to be ashamed of. Why not try Nytol? It can be a great way to help get you back into your natural sleeping rhythm and they really worked for me.

Missing your beauty sleep?

Sleep can be upset by everything from too much caffeine, hectic work and family lives, money troubles and technology, to jet lag and snoring.

But it's a really important part of our physical and mental health, helping boost our immune systems, drive our metabolisms, rejuventate our skin, and give our brains time to process information and support vital functions.

While it's not always easy to switch off, understanding what's the right amount of sleep for you can make a big difference.

It's not all about 8 hours

Everyone has different needs when it comes to sleep so don't get too hung up on getting a perfect 8 hours. But you also shouldn't expect to run on 4 hours a night forever either. If you regularly wake up tired or resort to catching up at the weekend then you need to increase the quality of sleep you get across the week.

The key thing is recognising that you don't need to suffer endless sleepless nights before doing something about it.

Take back bedtime

You might have already tried a few techniques to relax and improve your sleep. From keeping your room cool to taking a hot bath before bed, and even writing to-do lists for the next day, there's a whole heap of ways to unwind. If you can't sleep, it's worth taking the time to find the right combination of approaches for you and make them part of a regular routine that leaves you rested.

Take a look at our top sleep tips and see if there are any you haven't tried yet.

Enjoy bedtime

Keep your cool

Make sure your bedroom is cool. A hot room or covers that are too warm may disturb your sleep and leave you unsettled. Ideally you want a temperature that's comfortable when you go to bed and cools to around 16-18°C through the night.

Let a little light in

The right amount of light in your room is really important. Having a completely dark room is not as beneficial as you'd think, although it might help you nod off quicker. Ideally you want to leave a little room for some dawnlight to help wake you up naturally in the morning.

Switch off

Turning off the TV and picking up a book is one thing, but it's also worth putting your tablet or smartphone to bed an hour before you go too. These devices emit a blue light that can keep you switched on even when you don't want to be.

Raise a glass

Ok, so we don't recommend drinking alcohol or caffeine before bed, as both contain stimulants that can stop you dozing off or enjoying an unbroken sleep.

But, hot milk can be a great way to unwind and get the calm feeling that makes bedtime worthwhile. And researchers from the School of Life Sciences at Northumbria University have recently found that drinking Montmorency cherry juice can also increase your levels of melatonin3 (the sleep hormone) too.

Turn off the hoover

Snoring can affect you or someone you love. And nobody wants their breathing problems to be a source of irritation to their sleep or their relationship. Thankfully there's no need for that midnight pillow fight anymore. Try reducing your snoring with a variety of treatments including throat sprays, nasal passage plasters and mouth guards.

Go natural

Don't worry, we're not telling you what to wear in bed. No, what we're suggesting is looking at herbal remedies to help you relax before sleep. Lavender drops on the pillow or using a blend of natural herbs such as valerian and passion flower are traditionally used to help you relax.

Night-time nudge

You may or may not have considered using sleeping aids like Nytol before, but they can be a really great way to help you drift off and get back into your natural sleep pattern. Designed to ease you into restful sleep, they're designed to help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Fluffy jumpers

Yep, that's right, we're telling you to count sheep. Having something to take your mind off not sleeping can help you fall asleep without even noticing. So take a few deep breaths, shut your eyes and see how many of those woollen clouds make it over the fence.

How can Nytol help?

On the occasions when you can't sleep, a sleeping aid could be a good way to help you get back into a healthy sleeping rhythm and enjoy some rest. Whether it's Nytol Original or Nytol One-A-Night, the range is designed to help you wake up feeling refreshed. Alternatively, choose a herbal alternative with the Nytol Herbal range traditionally used as a sleeping aid.

Get better at bedtime

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